We invite beautiful girls.
You’ll be able to earn with us in USA.

Our offer

We offer you good clients, high salary, support and security.
Why the escort agency is the best solution if you decided to do it?
Because we are your reliable assistant, agent and defender.
We will solve all the issues of advertising, a filtering of calls, a negotiating with clients, the issues of payment, the order of tickets and booking hotels.
Wherever you are, if you want to have a trusted intermediary for the implementation of your services, so we are always happy to offer you our agency.

What do we expect?

Are you a happy person? Are you a beautiful girl or a handsome guy? Are you free inside and full of positive energy? Are you well educated person and constantly develop yourself? Do you lead a healthy lifestyle? Are you ready to become a member of the team and create new values together? Do you need a responsible agent and assistant in the implementation of your services? Are you ready to follow the rules and regulations of our agency?
If it’s all about you, please fill out the form below and write your information and telephone number, we will call you back. It will also be great if you send us your photos to our e-mail. casting@missbliss.us

Please, send a brief CV to the e-mail or to a specified number.

via WhatsApp or Viber orTelegram to iPhone: +7(921)9000318

How much do girls earn?

Girls earn enough to not think about money.
Everybody earns differently. It depends on external data, possession of human qualities, charisma, internal energy.
We have a free schedule. The more a girl pays attention to her work, the more she earns.

The sums may be from $10000 per month, up to $2000 per day.
All is individually.

Proposal for girls from other cities

If you're a beautiful girl, and would like to work in the escort, we can offer you a job in New-York, in Los-Angeles or any other city in the USA, as well as in the Europe and the Middle East.
You need to write us, tell us more about yourself and where you want to work, we will create all conditions so that you can successfully realize yourself as a model and earn good money.

The Agency - is your reliable assistant in resolution of all organizational issues.
We are always there for you to have the best working conditions.

(For girls who live outside of St. Petersburg, Russia, professional photographs are required. We are now working on the possibility to organize our photo shoot closer to your place of residence, but at the moment you have to find yourself the opportunity to take photos. The Agency MissBliss sorry for the inconvenience.)

What kind of employees we do not expect?

If you are unhappy and constantly complain about life. If you're not beautiful or have bad manners. If you have tattoos or artificial organs, silicone breasts, unnatural hair, etc. Our clients appreciate all natural! If you can’t work in a team and don’t know how to get along with others. If you don’t know how to "keep your mouth shut" and love to gossip. If you hate men as well as people. If so, do not contact us!

If you're happy girl, love life, and yourself and people and you want to give joy and make the world better-please fill form above.